History of the Church

As most churches, we started as a home bible study in the homes of a couple of families that had a hunger for more knowledge of God.  We would alternate between two homes for our studies.  We started with about 10 people in these studies.  As time went on we grew so much that we needed to consider a larger area to have these studies.  The last Sunday we had our meeting, there was standing room only, so we decided to lease a building.  We had these studies in homes about a year and then we embarked on a new adventure.  The first building we leased had a truck, leaking oil in the middle of the floor, which would become our sanctuary.  With a little hard work and sponsorship of another church, we built a platform and laid carpet in our new building.  The church began to grow with several new saints.  As with any church we had struggles and had several move away or just decided to move on.  This building was the place of our worship for around 2 years.  

Our second place of worship was the old Movie Gallery building, near the old high school.  As before we had a lot of growth and many miracles.  The day we had a gentleman come to church in a wheel chair was one of the most exciting moments because, when the service was over and God moved this man received a miracle. He then left pushing the wheel chair himself.  God can do anything, if we can just believe.  After about a year we decided to relocate and moved to another building downtown Jasper.  This Store front was on the back side of main street.  We had leased this spot nearly 3 years.  

The church began praying for a building that had parking and was a stand alone building.  God moved and placed us where we are located now, he still answers prayer, no matter what the need may be.  There are many other aspects to the history I can add but, it would take several pages, so I just gave you the short version.  Come be with us in service and let God do new thing in your life.  This building is beautiful and God has blessed us tremendously.  We look forward to seeing you there.